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Kirat society of New Zealand (KSNZ) was established in 2016 as a non profit organisation to preserve and promote Kirat identity, culture, tradition and well being. To achieve this goal KSNZ has been actively organizing Kirat festivals, performing rites and rituals. Furthermore, KSNZ has initiated various social initiatives to promote cultural harmony, spread mutul support and uplift community from every aspect.
Kirant people are native of the Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Bhutan. Since early human civilization, Kirant people extended their settlements from the Himalayan region to other Asian countries like Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and beyond. Today, Kirant peoples’ settlements are found around the world.
Kirant people or krianti have their glorious past. The first Kirant king Yelambar had ruled the Himalayan region at 1779 BC. After Yelamber there were thirty-one Kiranti kings who ruled the region. In the honour of king Yelambar Kiranti follow Yele Sambat (Kiranti calender) which is 3795 in 2016 AD.
Kiranti have their own identity, cultures, customs, language, script, literature and traditional practices.
Like other ethnic groups kiranti celebrate different festivals. Kiranti’s new year (Yele Sambat) starts on 15th of Januray. Udhauli Sakela and Ubhauli Sakela are the main festivals of Rai and Sunuwar. Likewise, Chasok Tongnam and Yokwa Tongnam are the main festivals of Limbu and Yakha.